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{{Character |name=Pimilla Nicole Diffy |image=Pim1 |caption= |gender=Female |age=16 |hometown=in the future: unknown
in the past: Pickford |profession= |parents=Lloyd Diffy
Barbara Diffy |siblings=[[Phil Diffy and jillian Diffy |friends=[[Lil Danny Dawkins]and Bradley Benjamin farmer |enemies=Debbie Berwick
Bradley Benjamin Farmer
Candida |pets= |first="Future Tutor"
(chronologically first)
"Your Cheatin' Heart"
(first aired) |portrayer=Amy Bruckner }} Pim Diffy is Phil Diffy`s 15th grade sister. She is a troublemaker and thus hates goody-two-shoes Debbie Berwick. She is played by Amy Bruckner at her current age and Estelle Harris as an old lady. Pim was a mischievous girl who was constantly up to no good and was even prone to megalomania. Pim was especially known for liking to pull pranks on people, mainly on Phil, Debbie Berwick and Vice Principal Hackett. Pim tried to make Phil miserable whenever she could. She hung out with Li'l Danny Dawkins. She also tried to avoid Debbie Berwick and Candida. Repeatedly in the show, she looked for ways to dominate the world. Even though Pim often caused trouble for Phil, and has a tough attitude, she also cared about her brother but kept it hidden most of the time. Pim is two years younger than Phil.


Pim is a short girl with naturally frizzy hair (as shown in "Happy Nird Day") She always straightens it in the morning with the IwantStraightHair Gadget. She usually wears it down but sometimes wears it in two pigtails. She also has colored eyes and usually has a mischievous look on her face

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