Pheremonally Yours
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date: August 6, 2004
Written by: Danny Kallis
Directed by: Tim O'Donnell
Episode guide
"Meet the Curtis"
"Milkin' It"
Pheremonally Yours is the 6th episode of season one of Phil of the Future.


Phil has to make a girl named Marla not like him. Pim joins the orchestra directed by Bradley but Debbie wants him to take Pim out of the show. Pim finds out and tries to sabotage Debbie's solo.


Main CastEdit


Future Gadgets Featured or MentionedEdit

  • D.N.A. Scrambler: Considered a older piece of tech from the future, this device can change your appearance, making you look grotesque and abnormal.


  • Second episode to not have Lisa Simms appear in Phil of the Future.

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